, event, key=None, rotation=40, exclude=None)[source]

Add event(s) to axes plot.

If axes is a list of Axes, they are assumed to be top-down aligned, and the annotation text will be displayed on the first (uppermost) axis.

Original input event.times units are used. If you want to use units other than the inputs, e.g. milliseconds, rescale the event manually by performing event = event.rescale('ms').

axesmatplotlib.axes.Axes or list

Matplotlib Axes handle or list of Axes.


A neo.Event instance that contains labels or array_annotations and time points when the event(s) is occurred.

keystr or None, optional

If set to not None, the event labels will be extracted from event.array_annotations[key]. Otherwise, event labels are extracted from event.labels. Default: None

rotationint, optional

Text label rotation in degrees. Default : 40

excludelist, optional

List of event labels that should not be plotted. Default: None


import neo
import quantities as pq
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from import add_event
fig, axes = plt.subplots()
event = neo.Event([1, 6, 9] * pq.s, labels=['trig0', 'trig1', 'trig2'])
add_event(axes, event=event)

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Refer to viziphant.rasterplot.eventplot() for real scenarios.